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My Dev Week #1 – xAI, Cheshire Cat, FED 2.1.0-beta1 and More

24 March 2024
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Welcome to “My Dev Week #1”, showcasing Elon Musk’s AI venture xAI with its Grok model, and sharing insights from Android guru Philipp Lackner. You will discover the Cheshire Cat AI framework from Italy, dive into dark energy with an imaginative twist from Professor Snape, and reminisce about the iPhone’s game-changing launch in 2007.

This issue also covers updates of the Food Expiration Dates Android app and concludes with AI art inspired by the mysteries of the universe.

📰 Monday’s AI News | xAI’s Grok 🦍

Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has decided to open-source Grok, its AI model designed to compete with ChatGPT.

Grok is described as a 314 billion parameter Mixture-of-Experts model, offering features such as access to real-time information and perspectives free from politically correct norms.

Official statement ➡️ Open Release of Grok-1

📚 Tuesday’s Resource | Philipp Lackner 👨‍💻

Philipp Lackner is an expert in Android development. With over 12 years of experience, he has built a substantial following on social media, amassing over 150,000 developers who trust his guidance and insights.

Lackner has sold more than 6,000 copies of his courses, aiding many individuals in acquiring practical skills that can be directly applied in their work. He is highly regarded for his ability to mentor Android developers globally, ensuring they are well-prepared for industry standards.

Philipp’s Youtube channel is one of my favorite resources for Android development.

Philipp’s Youtube channel ➡️ Philipp Lackner – Youtube

🧑‍💻 Wednesday’s Open Source Project | Cheshire Cat 🐱

The Cheshire Cat (Lo Stregatto) is a production-ready AI framework made in Italy, spearheaded and meticulously maintained by AI expert Piero Savastano.

This framework allows users to transcend the capabilities of large language models and craft their own AI assistants tailored to their needs. Users can upload documents in a variety of formats, including PDF, TXT, Markdown, JSON, web pages, or office documents, to train their AI.

With an emphasis on streamlining the user experience and boosting productivity, the Cheshire Cat AI framework facilitates the efficient creation of personalized AI solutions, showcasing Italy’s innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

🤖 Thursday’s AI Speech | Prof. Snape Explains Dark Energy 🧙

I played with ChatGPT asking it to explain scientific concepts to me by impersonating a particular character. This is a fun way to communicate with this type of chatbot.

So I asked myself: how would Professor Snape explain the concept of dark energy, present in astronomy? Here’s the answer given by the chatbot.

In the unfathomable vastnesses of our universe, there exists an enigma that defies the intellect of even the wisest and most powerful magicians, a mystery hidden in the darkness that shrouds the boundaries of our understanding: dark energy. Imagine, if you can, the darkest depths of the Forbidden Forest, where what we do not see far exceeds what is illuminated by moonlight. Dark energy is the invisible breath that permeates these empty spaces, a power that defies our most deeply held beliefs about magic and physics.

This enigmatic force is responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe, pushing galaxies away from each other with a vigor that defies gravity itself-that old spell that keeps our feet anchored to the ground. It is as if, in the great cauldron of existence, a secret ingredient has been added without anyone knowing its origin or nature, altering the entire potion in unpredictable ways.

Dark energy is the greatest of all mysteries, a constant reminder that no matter how much we may learn and master the forces of nature, there will always be secrets that remain hidden, waiting for a wizard or witch bold enough to challenge the unknown and unveil the arcana that lie beyond our comprehension. As teachers and custodians of magic, it is our duty to explore these mysteries, however dark and elusive they may seem to us, to not only expand our knowledge but also to illuminate the darkness that still shrouds our world.

📜 Friday’s Historic Moment | iPhone launch in 2007 📱

In January 2007, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., unveiled a device that would redefine the boundaries of technology and communication: the first iPhone.

This momentous event took place at the Macworld convention in San Francisco, where Jobs, with his characteristic charisma and showmanship, presented the iPhone as a revolutionary product that combined three devices into one:

  • a widescreen iPod with touch controls
  • a revolutionary mobile phone
  • and a breakthrough internet communications device

The crowd erupted in awe and applause as Jobs demonstrated the iPhone’s sleek design, intuitive touchscreen interface, and a plethora of innovative features. This was not just a product launch; it was a historic pivot point in technology, setting the course for the future of smartphones and mobile computing.

Apple’s iPhone introduction was a masterclass in innovation and presentation, encapsulating a vision that would significantly shape the technological landscape for decades to come.

📱 Saturday’s App Update | Import Data Feature 📥

The latest changes introduce two powerful functions to streamline data management within the app: Export Data and Import Data.

The Export function empowers users to seamlessly extract the data they’ve inputted into the app and export it to a CSV file. This feature provides a convenient means to archive valuable information, ensuring peace of mind and enabling easy access to data outside the app environment.

The Import function complements the Export feature by allowing users to effortlessly reintegrate their exported data back into the app. By selecting the CSV file generated through the Export function, users can import their data, maintaining continuity and preserving data integrity.

These functions collectively enhance the user experience, offering robust data management capabilities and unlocking the portability of data across different devices.

Food Expiration Dates 2.0.1-beta1 is available for Android devices on Google Play (beta channel) and on GitHub.

🖼️ Sunday’s AI Art | Magician In The Dark 🌌

This week’s AI art is inspired by the imaginery explaination of dark energy by Professor Snape. It’s generated by DALL·E.

Here’s the prompt that generated the image:

Visualize a scene with a generic magician, dressed similarly to Professor Severus Snape, standing at the edge of a mystical forest at night. The magician is adorned in dark, flowing robes that echo Snape’s iconic attire, with a contemplative and stern expression. The forest embodies the enigmatic and uncharted, akin to the Forbidden Forest, shrouded in shadows and mystery. Above, a vast cosmos unfurls, peppered with stars, galaxies, and nebulae, symbolizing the concept of dark energy and the universe’s expansiveness. This imagery is steeped in mysticism and the relentless quest for knowledge, mirroring the speech’s themes. It should evoke awe, the allure of the unknown, and a continuous journey towards enlightenment, blending elements of magic and science.

That’s all for this week, see you soon! 👋

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