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My Dev Week #1 – xAI, Cheshire Cat, FED 2.1.0-beta1 and More
24 March 2024
  6 min.     15
Welcome to “My Dev Week #1”, showcasing Elon Musk’s AI venture xAI with its Grok model, and sharing insights from Android guru Philipp Lackner. You will discover the Cheshire Cat AI framework from Italy, dive into dark energy with an imaginative twist from Professor Snape, and reminisce about the iPhone’s game-changing launch in 2007. This […]
My Dev Week #0 – Sora, FreeCodeCamp.org, Ollama and More
17 March 2024
  4 min.     25
Welcome! This is a new weekly recap that encapsulates what I experienced as a developer this week, featuring the latest in artificial intelligence news, useful resources, notable open source projects, engaging polls, and pivotal historical moments. I also provide updates on my app’s development and explore how AI creates digital art. So.. let’s go! The […]
Exploring the Beauty of AI-Generated Poetry
21 January 2024
  2 min.     7
In the realm of artificial intelligence, the boundaries between technology and creativity are continually being redefined. Today, I want to share a poem titled Whispers of the Wind, entirely generated by Mistral AI. This poem stands as a testament to the evolving capabilities of AI in mimicking human-like creativity and artistic expression.
Celebrating a Global Milestone: 100 Countries
13 January 2024
  2 min.     24
Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to announce a dream that has turned into a global reality. My apps, which began their journey in 2018, have now reached a remarkable milestone: downloads in 100 different countries! This is not just a number; it’s a testament to a global growing, especially for my newest app, Food Expiration Dates.
Restore pre-commit code checks in Android Studio Hedgehog
10 December 2023
  1 min.     155
Android Studio Hedgehog has changed the behavior of code analysis during committing code to VCS. Previously code checks were performed before the commit of code, but now this happens after the commit. I personally don’t like this because I don’t want to commit code that contains warnings. Although it is possible to commit the fix […]
Food Expiration Dates: No More Expired Food to Throw Away
15 October 2023
  1 min.     25
📅 Have you ever forgotten to eat a food item before its expiration date? Throwing away food because it has expired is a practice to avoid if you want to reduce food waste. When you buy groceries, it’s difficult to keep in mind all the expiration dates of them. This simple app helps you avoid […]
Voice recordings for the diagnosis of COVID-19 with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
11 April 2021
  8 min.     96
In this article I describe what was my project for the master’s thesis in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, in which I was involved in using the technologies of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to create models of machine learning that were able to detect cases of COVID-19 by analyzing voice recordings. In the […]
Classification of Reviews with Yelp Open Dataset
6 October 2020
  4 min.     201
Yelp Open Dataset is a collection of data concerning users who write reviews on businesses belonging to different commercial categories (e.g. restaurants, car rental, etc. …). Thanks to this database I was able to realize a model based on a neural network for the automatic classification of reviews using natural language processing and machine learning […]
Facebook Hacker Cup 2020 Qualification Round Solutions
29 July 2020
  3 min.     508
What is the Facebook Hacker Cup? The Facebook Hacker Cup is a competition for programmers promoted by Facebook worldwide. The aim of the competition is to find the best programmers in the world to whom to pay cash prizes. The final winner will also win the cup. The problems proposed during the Facebook Hacker Cup […]
A Little Blockchain in Erlang
8 June 2020
  1 min.     102
Erlang is one of the functional programming languages that allows you to build concurrent programs in a relatively simple way; its actor-based paradigm offers primitives to create processes and make them communicate with each other in a way that other languages do not. Another peculiarity of Erlang, probably the most important one, is the possibility […]
Let’s prepare a lot of dishes with Cooking Fever!
20 March 2020
  2 min.     345
Cooking Fever is a fun game in which you have to prepare dishes to serve to customers. The mechanism is really very simple: you are behind a counter with different ingredients and cooking tools; customers come, in turn, in front of us and show us what they want. Our goal is to serve them as […]
COVID-19 in Italy: an Interactive Map
2 March 2020
  1 min.     637
Data published by the Ministry of Health displayed on a national map and on a graph that shows the evolution of Coronavirus infection cases In these days the Ministry of Health is reporting daily data on the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19. On the Johns Hopkins University Map that traces the cases […]
Three Word-Sense Disambiguation Algorithms
24 January 2020
  3 min.     430
Word sense disambiguation (w.s.d.) is that part of natural language processing that deals with attributing to a word (token) its meaning in the context in which it appears. In this article there are presented three probabilistic algorithms to solve this problem, together with their implementation in Python. The algorithms are: and they are tested on […]
Shaping a three-dimensional world
5 January 2020
  3 min.     33
Years ago, I’d say about ten years ago, I tried to approach the 3D graphics environment to discover something new. I was able to make a few small creations, but nothing that excited me much. I liked the results, but I probably thought the procedures were too difficult and for some reason I abandoned this […]
The new website of Pro Loco Sovicille
17 October 2019
  3 min.     42
In recent months I have been working on the design and implementation of a new site for the Pro Loco of Sovicille, a non-profit association that aims to enhance the places, traditions and resources of the territory of the municipality of Sovicille, Siena (Italy), promoting initiatives among the locals and welcoming tourists. In a first […]
Advanced Pagination with Bootstrap
27 August 2019
  3 min.     417
Among the many components of Bootstrap we can find one to build a block of page indexes to implement a pagination. Typically this component is used when you have a list of elements that, for one reason or another, can not be shown all in one page. In this case, as with search engines, several […]
Disable Google Analytics only for site’s administrators
28 July 2019
  1 min.     19
Services used to track visitors to your site, such as Google Analytics, are essential tools to get an idea of the performance of your web pages. The problem that arises is that administrators, content creators or any other profile that manages the content of a site are among the most active users. In the long […]
The code that took us beyond our frontiers
20 July 2019
  5 min.     35
Half a century after Neil Armstrong’s venture, the source codes of Apollo 11 have been published online Today is exactly 50 years since the day the first man set foot on the Moon, 20 July 1969. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” is the phrase that continues to echo in […]