Lorenzo Vainigli

Software developer, passionate about programming


Celebrating a Global Milestone: 100 Countries
13 January 2024
  2 min.     24
Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to announce a dream that has turned into a global reality. My apps, which began their journey in 2018, have now reached a remarkable milestone: downloads in 100 different countries! This is not just a number; it’s a testament to a global growing, especially for my newest app, Food Expiration Dates.
Food Expiration Dates: No More Expired Food to Throw Away
15 October 2023
  1 min.     25
📅 Have you ever forgotten to eat a food item before its expiration date? Throwing away food because it has expired is a practice to avoid if you want to reduce food waste. When you buy groceries, it’s difficult to keep in mind all the expiration dates of them. This simple app helps you avoid […]
Voice recordings for the diagnosis of COVID-19 with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
11 April 2021
  8 min.     96
In this article I describe what was my project for the master’s thesis in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, in which I was involved in using the technologies of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to create models of machine learning that were able to detect cases of COVID-19 by analyzing voice recordings. In the […]
Classification of Reviews with Yelp Open Dataset
6 October 2020
  4 min.     201
Yelp Open Dataset is a collection of data concerning users who write reviews on businesses belonging to different commercial categories (e.g. restaurants, car rental, etc. …). Thanks to this database I was able to realize a model based on a neural network for the automatic classification of reviews using natural language processing and machine learning […]
A Little Blockchain in Erlang
8 June 2020
  1 min.     102
Erlang is one of the functional programming languages that allows you to build concurrent programs in a relatively simple way; its actor-based paradigm offers primitives to create processes and make them communicate with each other in a way that other languages do not. Another peculiarity of Erlang, probably the most important one, is the possibility […]
The new website of Pro Loco Sovicille
17 October 2019
  3 min.     42
In recent months I have been working on the design and implementation of a new site for the Pro Loco of Sovicille, a non-profit association that aims to enhance the places, traditions and resources of the territory of the municipality of Sovicille, Siena (Italy), promoting initiatives among the locals and welcoming tourists. In a first […]