Lorenzo Vainigli

Software developer, passionate about programming

About Me

My name is Lorenzo, I am 28 years old and I have a master degree in computer science.

My admiration for this science began when, as a child, I didn’t have an internet connection at home yet, so I was looking through the program settings of the MS Office package on my mom’s computer. When, years later, I had access to the internet with the legendary 56k consumption connection, I could begin to explore the immense world of the net.

Probably I was already convinced of what I wanted to do in life when I chose the address of high school: accounting with specialization in computer science at Istituto Bandini in Siena. Once graduated, in 2013, I decided to go and attend the degree course in Computer Science at the University of Bologna. It was a choice dictated by various factors: better work and study opportunities, the possibility to face a national level reality and the desire to become more independent.

In 2017 I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with the thesis An Android application for the management and monitoring of personal money flows (available in Italian only) with the vote of 96/110 and in 2021 I got a master degree in Computer Science with the thesis “Voice recordings for the diagnosis of COVID-19 with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks” with the vote of 105/110. Although I like computer science all round, I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning, as they collect methodologies that allow software to imitate the behavior of the human being.

I like to program a lot and, although I have to do it also for work reasons, I often do it for fun. I participated three times in the Facebook Hacker Cup: in the 2015 I didn’t even manage to pass the qualifying round, while in 2017, in 2020 and in 2021 I managed to reach the first round.

At the beginning of 2018 together with a friend I decided to create Nice Places and I am still working on the development of this project. The dedicated Android application has now passed 1,000 downloads from the Play Store.

In 2019 I designed and built a new site for the Tourist Association Pro Loco Sovicille, which I currently continue to manage.

I am curious by nature and since some time I have been reading about astronomy and astronomical photography.

On GitHub you can find the codes of many projects I worked on; on Flickr I collect the photos I take with my reflex camera. Among the social networks, the one I like to use the most is Twitter.