Lorenzo Vainigli

Software developer, passionate about programming

About Me

My name is Lorenzo, I am 29-year-old Italian Android developer and artificial intelligence enthusiast.

My admiration for this science began when, as a child, I didn’t have an internet connection at home yet, so I was looking through the program settings of the MS Office package on my mom’s computer. When, years later, I had access to the internet with the legendary 56k consumption connection, I could begin to explore the immense world of the web.

From that moment, a flame was ignited, which is still burning today, because programming represents my ikigai.

My Education

Probably I was already convinced of what I wanted to do in life when I chose the address of high school: accounting with specialization in computer science at Istituto Bandini in Siena. Once graduated, in 2013, I decided to go and attend the degree course in Computer Science at the University of Bologna. It was a choice dictated by various factors: better work and study opportunities, the possibility to face a national level reality and the desire to become more independent.

In 2017 I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with the thesis An Android application for the management and monitoring of personal money flows (Italian only) with the vote of 96/110 and in 2021 I got a Master’s degree in Computer Science with the thesis Voice recordings for the diagnosis of COVID-19 with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with the vote of 105/110.

My Professional Experience

I started my career as an Android developer at Aubay right after graduation. In this position, I worked on software solutions for monitoring and testing mobile network infrastructure. During my two and a half years at this company, I acquired significant skills in the telecommunications industry.

Recently, exactly since November 2023, I have embarked on a new career path at Zirak. Here I am working as an Android developer on automotive infotainment systems.

A Passion First

I really enjoy programming, and even though I also have to do it for work reasons, I often do it for fun as well. In recent years I have developed various software projects that I share on GitHub because I am an admirer of open source software.

Among my biggest projects there are two Android applications:

  • Nice Places: a virtual travel guide, created from early 2018 together with a friend, which has crossed 1,000 downloads in the Play Store.

  • Food Expiration Dates: an app that helps you not forget to consume groceries that are about to expire.

My personal projects have brought me much satisfaction, including reaching 100 countries worldwide where my apps have been downloaded.

Beyond Computer Science

I have a variety of passions in my life that go beyond computer science. One of them is my deep admiration for Eastern cultures and Japan. This passion led me to study the Japanese language, allowing me to immerse myself even more in this fascinating culture.

I practice traditional jūjutsu. Martial arts are an important part of my life: they provide me with discipline, self-control and a way to maintain good physical fitness.

My curiosity constantly drives me to discover new things and to read up on a wide range of topics. There are many beautiful things in the world to learn about, such as astronomy and all the mysteries of the universe.

For me, expanding and deepening my knowledge is a way to improve myself.