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Hello! My name is Lorenzo, I am 29 years old and I'm passionate since childhood about computers and technology, I'm a programmer for work and for passion.

I have a master degree in Computer Science obtained at the University of Bologna and I work as a software developer, specialized in Android applications.

I am very curious, in fact there are many things that I am passionate about, but among the ones that do it the most there are astronomy and Eastern cultures.

Recently I have discovered the beautiful world of open source software: I use GitHub a lot looking for interesting projects and developers to collaborate with.

Here I tell more about me.


🚀 Food Expiration Dates reaches 500 downloads on Google Play  
🎉 Launched Grocery List on Google Play  
🚀 Food Expiration Dates reaches 100 downloads on Google Play  
🎉 Launched Food Expiration Dates on Google Play  
🤝 Contributed the documentation of version 1.5.1 of Pandas  
🏁 Qualified for Meta Hacker Cup 2022 Round 1  
🏁 Qualified for Facebook Hacker Cup 2021 Round 1  
💼 Got a job at Aubay Italia  
🎓 Got a master's degree in Computer Science  
🚀 Nice Places' Android app reaches 1.000 downloads  
🏁 Qualified for Facebook Hacker Cup 2020 Round 1  
📣 Cited in an article for building an English version of COVID-19 in Italy map  
🎉 Launched prolocosovicille.it, a website developed entirely by me  
🎉 Launched my personal website  
🎉 Launched Nice Places' Android app  
🎓 Got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science  


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Food Expiration Dates

1K+ downloads Android Open source Kotlin Jetpack Compose Room MVVM Material You

Have you ever forgotten to consume a food item before its expiration date? Throwing away food because it has expired is a practice to avoid if you want to reduce food waste.
This simple app will help you not to forget to consume foods that are about to expire.

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Grocery List

Android Kotlin Jetpack Compose Dagger MVVM

Goodbye forgotten items, scattered notes and last-minute trips to the supermarket.
This app is designed to simplify your shopping experience, making it more organized, efficient and enjoyable.
With the Shopping List app, you can simplify the shopping process, save time and reduce the stress of shopping.

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Nice Places

1K+ downloads Android Open source Kotlin Client-server

Discover the culture around you!
Nice Places helps you discover points of interest in your area, while giving you a brief history and much more.

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