Lorenzo Vainigli

Software developer, passionate about programming


Personal projects

Nice Places
This is the project that I mainly dedicate myself to in my free time. It is a web and Android application that allows you to discover places of historical and cultural interest in your vicinity. The application, for each place, provides a brief description of its history and characteristics.
Pro Loco Sovicille Website
Website created entirely by me for the Pro Loco Sovicille Tourist Association.
COVID-19 in Italy
Data published by the Italian Ministry of Health displayed on a map and on a graph that shows the evolution of Coronavirus infection cases in Italy.
Web application for budget tracking in developed in React.
Facebook Hacker Cup Solutions
My solutions for the Facebook Hacker Cup problems
Kaggle Solutions
My solutions for the Kaggle challenges
忍者 Shinobi
A tool to learn Japanese writing system.
Space Hunters
A web page to showcase astronomical photographs taken by an amateur group.
COVID-19 Sovicille
Webpage to show COVID-19 data in the municipality of Sovicille, Siena, Italy
Android application to play checkers

University projects

Registrazioni vocali per la diagnosi di COVID-19 con Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
🎓 Masters's degree thesis project
Experimentation on the use of convolutional neural networks for the recognition of COVID-19 cases through the analysis of spectrograms generated from audio recordings.
Denario, un'app per il budget tracking
🎓 Bachelor's degree thesis project
Realization of an application for Android devices with which the user can save all his money movements, with the possibility to share them with other users and make predictions about future events.
Web app for scraping and annotating scientific articles
Mushroom classification using convolutional neural networks
Simulation of SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in NetLogo
Analysis of reviews of business activities using machine learning
Implementation of a simple blockchain in Erlang
A ship game realized in OpenGL
Agent based football simulation in NetLogo
Implementation of Travelling Salesman Problem in Scala-Spark
Word Sense Disambiguation in Python
Java-based compiler for a custom programming language

Hi 👋, I'm Lorenzo 👨🏻‍💻

🇮🇹 Italian
💼 Software developer
🎓 Master's degree in computer science

Tech interests
🤖 Artificial intelligence
🧠 Machine learning
📊 Data Analysis
🌐 Web development
📱 Android development
Other interests
🪐 Astronomy
🇯🇵 Japanese culture
🥋 Martial arts
🎮 Videogames
📸 Photography

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