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Let’s prepare a lot of dishes with Cooking Fever!

20 March 2020
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Cooking Fever is a fun game in which you have to prepare dishes to serve to customers. The mechanism is really very simple: you are behind a counter with different ingredients and cooking tools; customers come, in turn, in front of us and show us what they want. Our goal is to serve them as quickly as possible.

The game starts in a fast food restaurant, but there are other types of restaurants that you can unlock and buy. Right now there are: fast food, bakery, sports bar, gourmet restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe, Chinese restaurant, Indian restaurant, fish restaurant, pizzeria, sushi restaurant and other restaurants located in other areas of the game. In the future, as shown in the main menu, more will be added.

Each restaurant has its own food and drinks, according to the type of restaurant (in total there are more than one hundred), but the basic scheme is almost always the same: two or three ingredients to cook and serve, some side dishes or decorations, one or two drinks. If this choice may seem a limitation to the variety of the game, it should be noted that, on the other hand, it helps the player not to get lost when switching from one restaurant to another.

For each dish delivered to the customer we will be paid, however, if the customer does not wait too long will also give us a tip. With these earnings we can improve the ingredients, kitchen appliances or even the decor of our restaurants. Obviously, every improvement will bring us advantages.
Some improvements, such as the purchase of new restaurants, will require the use of “gems”, which you can buy with real money or, with a little patience, get by playing for several days in a row or accumulating experience.

This little strategy game is really well cared for, especially in terms of graphics, and in this period it has become one of my favorite entertainments, which is why I decided to write this review.

Cooking Fever is available on Microsoft Store, Google Play Store and App Store.

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