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COVID-19 in Italy: an Interactive Map

2 March 2020
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Data published by the Ministry of Health displayed on a national map and on a graph that shows the evolution of Coronavirus infection cases

In these days the Ministry of Health is reporting daily data on the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19.

On the Johns Hopkins University Map that traces the cases of Coronavirus worldwide you can also read the data for Italy, but only at the national level.

Inspired by the above mentioned map I made a similar one that displays the official data of the Ministry on a regional basis, accompanied by a graph showing the evolution of the data day by day.
By selecting a region on the map you can see the graph of the cases of that single region.

From March 17th a new chart is available. That one compares the evolution of confirmed cases between all regions.

The data will be updated, whenever possible, whenever an official update will be released on the channels of the Ministry of Health and the Civil Protection.

The map is available in this page.

At the bottom of the page there are the sources from which the data was taken.

Update 7/03

Since March 7th , the official map of the Civil Protection (desktopmobile) and a repository contains the official data are available.
This map will continue to be updated as the official map does not offer the evolution of data at regional level.

Update 13/03

This page (unofficial) contains a lot of graphs and details to visualize official data.

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